...site in [constant] development...

...site in [constant] development...

But you can start browsing over the available links to view my most recent [and past] online works. The rest are being restructured to reorganize the clutter.

Welcome to my digital ARTsenal.

package {
import animate.FlashMike;
import langref.MikeAnimate;
public class RotoscopeApplication {
var firstAssetVar:fly.supremo = new Get.prepFlight();

recent web works;

Responsive | flashmike.com

'Responsive' update on my online portfolio.
no need to link

The end of Flash® is the end of hardcore interactive web media.

flash from the past


I try to catch up [as much as I can] with the ever-changing phase of web design & development. And while there is still enough room for my animation shorts, would definitely be getting my hands dirty on app development.

@Echo Off
call :Responsive
echo %mobilelevel%
goto :preload




random [various] works;


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